Constitution for Friends of Harrison Park

1. Name of Group

The group shall be known as Friends of Harrison Park, (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Friends’).


2. Objectives

The objectives of the Friends shall be:


To promote the area’s facilities, so as to encourage sustainable use by the general public for their leisure and recreation, while endeavouring to reduce the impact of conflicting interests on the social and natural environment.

Community Involvement

To engage and involve the local community in environmental issues and action, through information exchange, educational and practical activities, leading to the improvement and development of community

spirit within the Harrison Park area.


To promote, encourage and secure the educational value of the area, its scenic, historical, architectural, landscape and ecological qualities and the provision of facilities in the interests of the physical, social and spiritual welfare of the population for education, recreation and leisure pursuits.


To conserve, enhance and improve the landscape, biodiversity and sustainable use of the area for the benefit of people and wildlife.


3. Powers

To further these objectives, the Friends may:

  • Arrange meetings, exhibitions, talks, and training courses

  • Commission and/or carry out a programme of practical environmental projects

  • Raise funds, receive contributions and make grant applications

  • Liaise and work in partnership with other organisations and individuals such as voluntary organisations, local authorities, government departments and individuals

  • Establish and support any associations and institutions formed to further the objectives of the Friends

  • Collect, disseminate and exchange relevant information

  • Commission and/or undertake research or surveys, which directly or indirectly promote any of the objectives of the Friends

  • Publicise the Friends’ activities through leaflets, posters, newsletters, articles, photographs and videos

  • Buy, hire or legitimately borrow any equipment, tools or other property required to fulfil the Friends’ objectives

  • Buy, lease or take in exchange any property necessary for the achievements of the objectives of the Friends and to maintain and equip it for use

  • Subject to any consents required by law, to sell, lease or dispose of all or any part of the property of the Friends

  • Subject to any consents required by law, to borrow money and charge all or any part of the property of the Friends with the repayment of the money so borrowed

  • Employ such staff, who should not be committee members, as are necessary for the proper pursuit of the objectives

  • Establish a membership of Friends of Harrison Scheme and to set a members? subscription to that scheme

  • To do all such lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the Friends’ objectives.

4. Membership


Membership shall be open to anyone who supports

the objectives of the Friends

If a subscriptions scheme is in operation, entry

into the Register of Members will require payment of the agreed subscription


There shall be no discrimination on the basis ofage, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or nationality.

Refusal or termination

The management committee shall retain the right

for adequate reasons to refuse or terminate membership of any individual, after

giving the individual concerned the right to be heard by the Management

Committee before a final decision is made.

5. Office Bearers and Committees

A Management Committee of between five and nine members, who will endeavour to meet at least four times a year, shall direct the Friends

 A quorum at committee meetings shall be four of  those eligible to be present. This may include co-opted membersAt the Annual General Meeting (AGM), a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer and members of the Management Committee shall be elected

Members of the Management Committee shall stand for re-election every three years The Management Committee shall have the right to co-opt up to three members onto the Committee. These members shall have voting rights

Retiring office bearers and committee members may be re-elected

The Management Committee shall have the power to remove from office any office bearer after a motion of no confidence has been passed by a majority of the Committee

 The Management Committee may set up sub-committees for specific purposes.

6. Annual and other General Meetings

An AGM shall be held annually after giving due notice of at least 15 days Time elapsed between each AGM shall be no more than 15 months

 The quorum for the AGM shall be 15At the AGM, the Annual Report and audited financial statement shall be presented, office bearers and Management Committee shall be nominated and elected and other relevant business conducted. Notices of motions, duly proposed and seconded by members of the Friends should be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 15 days before the AGM

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee giving at least 15 days notice On receipt of a written demand from at least a quarter of the membership of the Friends the Secretary must call an Extraordinary General Meeting, which must be held no more than 30 days after receipt of the demand.

7. Procedures


The Management Committee shall keep adequate records of all meetings, projects and events

The Secretary shall take a record of all committee and general meetings and produce minutes for confirmation.


Council officials shall take an advisory role and shall have no voting rights

Decisions shall be made by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote. The chairperson shall have an additional vote if required in the event of a tie

Questions for decision at any general meeting shall normally be determined by a show of hands. The decision of the Committee on any matter not provided for in these rules shall be final and binding.

8. Financial Arrangements

Disposal of funds

All funds raised shall be used solely for furthering the objectives of the Friends, and paying members’ expenses as

approved by the Management Committee.

Financial records

The Treasurer shall ensure that full financial records are kept and that financial statements are produced annually and on request of the Management Committee.

Annual Audit

An auditor or independent examiner, appointed by the Management Committee at the previous AGM, shall audit the accounts annually and an audited financial statement shall be presented at the AGM.

Bank account and authorisation of payment

A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Friends of Harrison Park, and three Office Bearers shall be authorised to sign cheques, with two signatures required on each chequeThe financial year shall be from 1st April to 3lst March.

9. Amendments to the Constitution

The Management Committee can amend the constitution.

10. Dissolution and Disposal of Assets

The Friends shall be dissolved if a majority of management committee consider it necessary.  In the event of the dissolution of the Friends, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed among the members or management committee of the Friends, but shall be given or transferred to a recognised charitable body or bodies having objectives similar to those of the Friends

Individual members of management committee or of the Friends shall not be liable if the Friends fold.