Befriending Harrison Park

Taken from Gavin Corbett”s recent email bulletin

We are a “friendly” area.  Recently Friends of Craighouse and Friends of Craiglockhart Woods teamed up to organise a really well-attended litter-pick of Easter Craiglockhart Hill.  Near Tollcross, Friends of Gardner”s Crescent have been overseeing the improvement of a small oasis of green in that street. One of the groups which is especially close to my heart casino spiele is Friends of Harrison Park, right in the middle of the area. The transformation of the park and the award of several green flags has been guided by the community input which the group provides. There”s been a lull in the group recently so I am keen to host an informal get-together of people who care as much about the park as I do.  Drop me an email on if you are interested.  

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