Harrison Park East upgrade work complete

The work to upgrade Harrison Park East has now been completed.

A grant of £47,500 was secured through Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN) which finances projects eligible under the Landfill Communities Fund. A further grant of £50,000 was been secured from Sustrans the leading UK sustainable transport charity.  Money was also “donated” by Merchiston Comunity Council (their emphasis), plus an anonymous donation of £12,000.

jmg_4368 The new stairs and path linking Watson Crescent with West Bryson Road on the right and the canal on the left
jmg_4366 The new stairs and path linking Harrison Park to Watson Crescent.
jmg_4367 The new area of tarmac that seems to have been turned in to a public car park.
jmg_4365 The D shaped path in the middle of the upgrade
jmg_3890 The stairs and new ramp linking Harrison Park to the canal

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