Welcome to the Friends of Harrison Park


Welcome to the Friends of Harrison Park.

The park is in the Merchiston area of Edinburgh and the site is intended to provide information on all aspects of both the park and the Friends of the Park.

The Friends of Harrison Park work in partnership with the Council to oversee the management, maintenance and development of this green space. Recent projects, including upgrading of paths, interpretive signage, naturalised bulb planting, have all contributed to making Harrison Park a delightful, accessible and well used community green space.

In 2008 Harrison Park was awarded Green Flag status – one of the first flags issued in Scotland.  The scheme aims to encourage safe, clean and accessible public parks which are managed in an environmentally sustainable way.

Harrison Park West

Harrison Park West

Harrison Park East

Harrison Park East

Friends of Harrison Park to reform in early 2014

Following a meeting between interested parties, it’s been agreed to reform Friends of Harrison Park in early 2014 after a break of nearly 3 years.  A public meeting will be held in early February in a local venue to reform the Friends on a more formal basis.

If you’re interested in the park and would like to be part of the Friends, please let us know through the contacts page, or drop us an email directly to secretary@harrisonpark.org.uk

Befriending Harrison Park

Taken from Gavin Corbett’s recent email bulletin

We are a “friendly” area.  Recently Friends of Craighouse and Friends of Craiglockhart Woods teamed up to organise a really well-attended litter-pick of Easter Craiglockhart Hill.  Near Tollcross, Friends of Gardner’s Crescent have been overseeing the improvement of a small oasis of green in that street. One of the groups which is especially close to my heart is Friends of Harrison Park, right in the middle of the area. The transformation of the park and the award of several green flags has been guided by the community input which the group provides. There’s been a lull in the group recently so I am keen to host an informal get-together of people who care as much about the park as I do.  Drop me an email on gavin.n.corbett@gmail.com if you are interested.  

Upcoming events in Harrison Park

A few upcoming events taking place in Harrison Park

Harrison Park Bats Night

Thursday 22nd September 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Free community event, meet by the Play Area in Harrison Park West

All welcome, under 16′s should be accompanied by an adult

For Further Information please contact Esperanza Martin on 0131 445 4025 esperanza@elgt.org.uk or secretary@harrisonpark.org.uk

Art in the Park

Sunday 25th September 2011

Meet by the Play Area in Harrison Park West.  2 sessions are available

  • Art Session 1 – 10am – 11:30am
  • Art Session 2 – 12 noon – 1:30pm

All welcome, under 16′s should be accompanied by an adult

For further information and to book a place please contact Esperanza Martin on 0131 445 4025 esperanza@elgt.org.uk

Harrison Park East upgrade work complete

The work to upgrade Harrison Park East has now been completed.

A grant of £47,500 was secured through Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN) which finances projects eligible under the Landfill Communities Fund. A further grant of £50,000 was been secured from Sustrans the leading UK sustainable transport charity.  Money was also “donated” by Merchiston Comunity Council (their emphasis), plus an anonymous donation of £12,000.

jmg_4368 The new stairs and path linking Watson Crescent with West Bryson Road on the right and the canal on the left
jmg_4366 The new stairs and path linking Harrison Park to Watson Crescent.
jmg_4367 The new area of tarmac that seems to have been turned in to a public car park.
jmg_4365 The D shaped path in the middle of the upgrade
jmg_3890 The stairs and new ramp linking Harrison Park to the canal